Dare to dream

With slice-of-life instances, Fullerton India shows how it can help in fulfilling aspirations of people

Many a time people might remind you that you should live within your means. But a recent ad campaign by Fullerton India dismisses that, because it is crucial to fuel dreams and aspirations — be it owning a home, buying a vehicle or starting a business — all dreams can come true. Called ‘Rishta Sammaan Ka’, the campaign is the NBFC’s first-ever, consumer-facing brand communication. “We respect and value every need of our customer, irrespective of how small or big it may be. With our new campaign, we are looking to strengthen our connect and commitment with over three million customers across Tier II-IV locations,” says Shilpa Desai, general manager & head – marketing & cross sell, Fullerton India.

The 100-second long film travels from one story to the other gracefully — a father cycling with his son, looking wistfully at a motorbike zooming past; a woman’s celebratory mood of choosing a new apartment turning dim when she looks at a larger, well-done house in front of theirs; and a shopkeeper realising he needs to renovate his store when another new shop opens in front of his. The film hardly needs a word to be spoken, aided by a background score that says the heart dreams irrespective of your pocket’s capacity. That’s where Fullerton India comes in, a company that can help each one achieve their dream through loans.

Porus Jose, creative head, IdeateLabs, says that Fullerton has been in India for more than 12 years, and identified a need to connect with its audience with a new approach and personality. “Rishta Sammaan Ka ensures that it connects with its audiences in a manner befitting the new positioning,” adds Jose. The insightful scenarios, soulful music and splendid cinematography make this campaign an inspirational as well as an entertaining watch.