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    India’s deliverance is in the details

    The government has been nudging the economy towards growth since the slowdown. How effective have its interventions been? 

    Asha Menon - February 06, 2021
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    In the capex waltz, the government has to lead

    Private capex revival is slow with India Inc choosing to set its house in order, than chase growth 

    V Keshavdev - February 06, 2021
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    India’s flirtation with the dollar could be risky

    The liquidity glut notwithstanding, the government’s plan to raise dollar debt will come at a price 

    V Keshavdev - February 06, 2021
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    Farm laws won’t ‘till’ the balance in farmers’ favour

    The three controversial laws may do little to improve the lives of a large majority in the sector. A more nuanced approach is what is urgently needed 

    Shruti Venkatesh - February 06, 2021
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    Is it time to get off the equity gravy train?

    The benchmark indices are at an all-time high despite mutual funds selling all the way 

    V Keshavdev - January 15, 2021
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    Crowning or fading glory: What will the new HDFC Bank chief deliver?

    The bank is facing a perception crisis with high-level exits and the RBI stricture, just as the competitive landscape is changing with freshly-minted fintech companies  

    V Keshavdev - January 01, 2021
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    The story of the Wadhawan brothers. How they built a solid business only to run it aground

    The Wadhawan brothers sparkled with success till the tinsel deserted them 

    Krishna Gopalan - December 25, 2020
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    Why, along with OpenAg, UPL needs OpenAc

    The agrochemical giant’s operating catchphrase is OpenAg - open agriculture network. What it needs right now is OpenAc - open accounting  

    Rajesh Padmashali - December 18, 2020
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    Why did Lakshmi walk away from LVB?

    How promoter KR Pradeep pushed a community-owned bank on the road to ruin 

    Krishna Gopalan - November 20, 2020
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    India’s best workplaces for women 2020

    Outlook Business and Great Place to Work® bring you the third annual listing of India’s Best Workplaces For Women*. Read on to know what these admirable companies are doing right 

    November 06, 2020
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    With the deliberate championing of women, India Inc thrives

    A few companies have laudable diversity and inclusion models that pulls women back into the workforce and cheers them on

    Anishaa Kumar - November 02, 2020
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    Swinging wildly between splurging and skimping, has PepsiCo India lost its way?

    Over the past decade, the company has been losing or barely holding on to its market share in various categories 

    Krishna Gopalan - October 23, 2020