India's Best Fund Managers 2018

Quo Vadis?

As the Indian mutual fund industry comes of age, the scope for outperformance is sure to diminish but the real question is, can they win over robo-advisors

Published 4 years ago on Feb 05, 2018 5 minutes Read
Pallabi Sutar

Money management began in India in the sixties with the establishment of Unit Trust of India by far sighted institution builders. However, modern money management in its true sense began with the liberalisation of the Indian economy in the early nineties. The establishment of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and formulation of new regulations saw the advent of the private sector into the money management business. Since then the industry has grown by leaps and bounds with demonetisation giving a huge impetus to the financialisation of savings. From an industry offering limited choice in the early years, investors today are spoilt for choice with a bewildering array of products seemingly meeting every need of investors.