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Dinesh Agarwal | IndiaMART | Stressbuster

Travelling and music work like therapy for the founder and CEO of IndiaMART whenever he is stressed

Published 7 months ago on Feb 15, 2020 Read
Vishal Koul

A movie that inspires you…
Gandhi by Richard Attenborough. It is a story of a man who showed the world that you can revolt against power, without power or violence.

...and a song?
“Jeevan chalne ka naam, chalte raho, subah aur shaam” by Manna Dey.  This song reminds me that no problem is too big if one is persistent.

When anxiety sets in?
Travelling clears my mind and gives me a fresh perspective on things. Amsterdam is a favourite destination, for the walks I can take around the city, and Kenya for its wildlife. I also listen to music, especially songs by Mukesh. I have been a fan of his since childhood and still have a collection of his cassettes.

Lowest point in your life? How did you deal with it?
In 2001, we bought an office land in Sector 8, Noida, and even had a puja on September 10. The very next day, the infamous 9/11 terror attack happened in the US. Our business tanked by 50% overnight because exports were affected. All of a sudden, everything turned topsy-turvy. Our orders and advertising deals were cancelled. Sometime before this incident, I had enrolled for an MBA programme, which I had to give up on to fully focus in the business. We had to sell our house, didn’t have work for next nine months and struggled to pay salaries. Thankfully nobody left us.


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