My Best Pick 2013

Winning return

eClerx not only generates excellent cash flow, but also deploys it in accretive acquisitions

Vishal Koul

Investing in the equity markets gives every individual a chance to partner with a great management team or business owner and profit from their vision, passion and business acumen. If you choose wisely, you can sit in your living room and while relaxing over a cup of tea and a newspaper, listen to the cash counter whirr away as the company you have invested in keeps delivering its numbers. As far as choosing management partners go, it would be tough to find better ones than the folks at eClerx. 

The word “clerk” conjures up image of someone who does a repetitive and un-sexy job, and retires with a gold watch as reward for a career of drudgery. So while the name eClerx is underwhelming, under that toad lies a prince. 

eClerx is a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company with a strongly differentiated model, and the work it does for global corporate customers is anything but mundane. In financial services, the company provides support for financial transactions across the trading lifecycle, including research support, trade order management, confirmations, clearing, settlement, invoicing, accounting, custody and reconciliations. In sales and marketing support (SMS), eClerx’s offerings span web analytics, data management, competitor benchmark pricing, CRM, business intelligence, quality and compliance, and business process consulting. In short, it is a classic high-end KPO.

PD Mundhra and Anjan Malik, the founders of eClerx, both graduates of the Wharton Business School, were successful professio


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