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Adi Godrej loves to ski — not on snow-clad slopes but on calm waters along the bay of Mumbai

Courtesy: Adi Godrej


A bright Sunday morning and a calm sea — that’s what Adi Godrej looks forward to the end of a hectic week at work. And once he gets the combination, its action time. Dressed in a dark wetsuit, you can track the 73-year-old’s swift movements through his shining yellow life-jacket in the never-ending blue sea. For someone who took sailing as a course during his undergrad days, the passion for water sports has only grown over the years for the chairman of the 117-year-old Godrej Group. “I’ve always liked water as it makes me feel fresh. Every Sunday afternoon feels like a holiday, which makes Mondays more endurable,” smiles Godrej, sitting in his swanky new office at Vikhroli.

Barring the monsoon months, Godrej makes it a point to go water skiing every weekend whenever he is in the city. Though on occasions he goes water skiing on foreign jaunts, Godrej is most comfortable surfing along the bay of Mumbai. “I have my own equipment and my own boat, so I feel in complete control,” explains Godrej.

While November to December is a good period to go skiing as the sea is usually calm, by April, the sea starts getting rough. “By end of May, I stop the activity,” says Godrej, adding that the sport first began on lakes where the water is calm through the year. The Dal Lake in Kashmir is one such place where Godrej went skiing, but that was a good two decades ago.


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