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For Ravneet Gill, CEO, Deutsche Bank India, cricket is much more than just a game

Soumik kar

When you walk into Ravneet Gill’s office on the 17th floor at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, it could come across as a perfectly regular office to the untrained eye. When the purpose is talking about bat, ball and field - your perspective might change. There is not a single corner in the office that is left untouched by cricket. A book on cricket in one corner, old trophies from his time with the Mumbai branch team at Deutsche Bank, jerseys signed by the Indian cricket team framed above his desk... the signs are really there for you to see, if you’re observing. 

Gill loves cricket. Any conversation circling around cricket is handled with the same erudition as he approaches a conversation surrounding business. Says the Deutsche Bank CEO, “I don’t see cricket as an escape. It is an element that makes up for a perfect day. I am not someone who needs to consciously switch off. I am an intense person and cricket is a passion, not just a hobby for me. I like the whole thing about cricket being a team sport. There are batsmen, spinners and fast bowlers and one has to bring them together. In cricket, the roles are clearly demarcated. That’s what gives me a kick, which is why I don’t think I could have played tennis or squash.”

At 10, Gill was presented wi


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