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Media magnate Subhash Chandra meditates daily to connect with his inner self

Soumik kar

Who am I?,” is a question not many tend to ask or even bother to think about. But for Subhash Chandra, the billionaire media mogul, it’s a question that lingered in his mind when he was just a child. Back then he had a volley of questions on human life and philosophy, whose answers he sought from various saints and sages. “I still remember this Jain sadhvi named Gulabobai in our village (Adampur) from whom I always wanted answers as to why we were born and where we are headed,” elaborates Chandra, dressed in whites and looking at ease on a Tuesday noon at Zee’s head office in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

That curiosity and yearning ended when Chandra met the late Satya Narayan Goenka, who spearheaded the vipassana movement, one of the oldest techniques of meditation taught by Gautama Buddha. Belonging to a religious Hindu family, Chandra and his family members believed in reincarnation. “Before doing the vipassana course, I was warned about the hurdles that would prevent me from completing it. But after doing the first course, I was pretty clear that all my questions will be answered here,” explains Chandra, who was busy setting up the amusement park EsselWorld then, after foraying into manufacturing plastic tubes under Essel Packaging.


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