Where the rich are investing 2016

Watch Out!

From oil-filled watch faces to moon dust and space age materials, these luxury watch companies are a fanatic's delight

Olya Milenitis

Fascination, appreciation, and desire for popular luxury watch brands were my mantra even in my teens. Unfortunately the means to afford one was quite another story. I had become an expert at bargaining with fake watch vendors in Bangkok and prided myself in my collection of dubious timepieces. It was not till I was in my mid 20s that my wife borrowed some dollars from her boss in Singapore and bought me a genuine Rolex. I was in seventh heaven!  I still remember going numb with the ecstatic shock of seeing the green leather box of the Submariner.  Hello, luxury watches, I had arrived. 

This was in the mid ’90s and luxury watch brands were not officially sold in India so the knowledge of luxury watches was limited to Rolex, Omega, Rado, and Cartier. Other more expensive brands were not recognized and therefore not given prominence. Over the years, with the introduction of luxury watch retailers in India, the knowledge has grown but is still limited to “classic” luxury brands, that have earned a name as quality watchmakers for over a hundred years like Patek Phillipe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, and Breitling. A few newer brands have also gained popularity through the sheer volume of advertising and sponsoring of sporting events like Hublot, and Franck Muller.


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