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Sportsmen endorse its design and tech but Oakley’s appeal among the youth is all about being fashionable

Vishal Koul

Are you watching the match?” That’s a no-brainer, thought the owner of Welldone Opticals in Chandigarh. It was the World Cup final — what else would he be doing? But the caller, a young man who was a frequent customer at the eyeglasses store in Chandigarh, didn’t wait for a reply. “Watch out the next time they show Ranbir Kapoor in the stands,” he said. “I want the same pair of Oakleys.” 

Customer orders like that one aren’t the norm but demands for the same style of Oakleys worn by different celebrities and sportstars are all too common. The iconic American sports eyewear brand made its way to India only in 2009 but it already had a steady fan following here long before that, thanks to various film, sport and celebrity associations. The brand has been seen in hit movies such as Spider-Man, Mission Impossible II and X-Men, is worn by rappers such as T-Pain, Pit Boss and Lil Jon, and shields actors such as Nicole Richie, Adam Sandler and Matt Damon from prying paparazzi. It’s also an avowed favourite with sportsmen such as Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan apart from cricketer Yuvraj Singh. All of which makes Oakleys a must-buy for the most trend-conscious youngsters. Besides, there’s a certain appeal in telling your mates you’re wearing a Monster Dog, Frog Skins, Water Jacket or Eyepatch.

For sportsmen, though, the brand’s attraction lies in its de sign and technology. Oakley is at the top of


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