Lead Story

Age of Plenty

It is not only flush venture capitalists who are chasing start-ups. Family offices and high-net worth individuals are also chasing Unicorns


After the lull in 2016, it’s been raining deals for the Indian VC industry. There is renewed confidence. Over the past two years, Indian start-ups have received nearly $26 billion in funding across sectors. This year not only saw gangbuster exits but also saw eight start-ups join the much coveted Unicorn club. With nearly 7,700 start-ups, India now boasts of having the third-largest start-up ecosystem and most number of Unicorns after the US and China. Such euphoria was last witnessed in 2014-15, but that came crumbling down, thanks to blown-up numbers and overvaluation as investors threw money at just about anything as the fear of missing out gripped them. The current optimism would have you believe that it is going to be different this time, but will it?