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India’s Digital Winning Like A Frankenstein

India is an aspirational digital state. It wants to belong to the connected world like a leader despite its limitations of being a low-middle-income economy, having a large number of poor people, large illiteracy levels and less-than-reliable telecom infrastructure. Will the government’s push from the top create a national digital blueprint or turn the country into Charlie Chaplin’s Feeding Machine?

Published a month ago on Jan 01, 2023 14 minutes Read

In the middle of August 2021, when Covid-19 protocols were still in force, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal went to a regional transport office (RTO) in the city and put a big lock on its gate. He proclaimed RTOs to be redundant government offices in a digital age and said that most service applications submitted to RTOs will be done in a “faceless” manner online. Through this act, Kejriwal, arguably the country’s second most effective political communicator, was symbolically speaking with the youth of an information and tech economy.