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Why Ronnie Screwvala could hit paydirt once more

The serial entrepreneur has backed upGrad which is growing 100% year-on-year

Ronnie Screvwala, Co-founder, UpGrad (centre): In designing our courses, we focus on ‘careers of tomorrow’ and look at larger-volume ones

If you are familiar with the show ‘Friends’, which ran between 1994 and 2004, you would also be familiar with the fear of being made redundant at your workplace. Offices are getting younger and hipper, so anyone upwards of 35 years is peering over the brink of a VUCA or volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous world. The only way to hold on, and may be even thrive, is to keep upskilling. Serial entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala has made this massive market opportunity his business.

Indians tend to be a thrifty lot but there are a couple of things that they unhesitatingly overindulge on – education and weddings. Serial entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala has found a sweet spot in education that has not been explored as a business opportunity yet in India. So here he is, back in the start-up game with a bang, targeting working professionals who need to upskill.