Razor sharp

With its new campaign set in UP's Banwari Tola, Gillette is cutting into stereotypes and winning hearts, all at once

Much like films, advertisements too play a huge role in influencing culture. Arguably, a viewer is exposed to an ad multiple times and on varied channels, making the reinforcement much stronger. Brands therefore need to be extra cautious of the message they convey while promoting the product or service. Understanding this responsibility, Gillette pivoted from its earlier aspirational tagline, ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ to a more inspirational tagline, ‘The Best a Man Can Be’ in January this year. The global campaign aims to challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man. As an extension of this campaign, Gillette India has launched a beautiful campaign that not just challenges gender stereotypes, but also narrates a real-life, heart-warming story of two girls who defied all odds.