My Favourite

Arun Chittilappilly

Wonderla Amusement Parks & Resort's managing director, on his favourite set of wheels

Published 4 years ago on Dec 24, 2017 2 minutes Read
Deepak G Pawar

I prefer biographies and of late I have begun enjoying a little bit of philosophy. The biography of Elon Musk is one of my favourites — Musk's journey of becoming a multibillion dollar entrepreneur makes it an inspiring read. Evangelist Marketing, is another favourite; it's about marketing and focuses on how companies like Apple build brand loyality amongst customers. 

The iconic, Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino is my favourite. I enjoy documentaries as well and one of my favourites is Black Fox: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, besides a lot of World War I and II documentaries.  

 Since I enjoy time at the beach, Bali is my go-to place and I've already been there three to four times. They have a very different kind of Hindu culture, so it's good to see the difference in the culture, their temples in particular are quite unique. 

Stolichnaya vodka! It's pretty rare and delicious. Its a Russian brand, made in Poland and it's made from wheat and rye grain.

Of the four cars I have, the Red Jaguar F Pace 2011 is my favourite. Powered by a 5-litre, 520 hp engine, it’s a very fast car and even though it looks like a sedan, it works like a sports car. Another one is the AMG S63 Mercedes-Benz, which also happens to be a very rare car.