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Raj Rana

From Glacier National Park to the trails of Manali, Radisson Hotel Group's South Asia CEO loves a good adventure

Published 4 years ago on Sep 08, 2018 2 minutes Read

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is about self-discovery of a man and talks about equanimity of mind. In today's hectic life, this concept guides us to maintain inner stillness and composure.

My choice of films are light-hearted Bollywood comedies such as Welcome and Singh is Bling; occasionally I also binge on courtroom dramas like Jolly LLB. I love tuning into a good movie on a long flight after catching up with my barrage of emails.

I love to dig into a plate of aloo paratha with butter and dahi, and dal tadka with naan. Being a hotelier, I also enjoy international cuisines. However, since I stay in hotels all the time, I actually look forward to street food and that of roadside dhabas.

I enjoy all kinds of mocktails, but milk and buttermilk-based drinks remain my favourite. There's nothing like badam milk or a tall glass of jeera lassi.

The joy of being in a convertible driving along the Pacific Coast and California is unbeatable! San Francisco has its own charm and allure; it is very soul-satisfying. I am an ardent nature lover and have travelled across many national parks including Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and Banff. I also love the hiking trails in India — be it in Manali, Jim Corbett or Ooty.