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Sanjeev Vashishta

The CEO of SRL Diagnostics simply can't resist a scrumptious Indian thaali

Published 6 years ago on Dec 18, 2016 2 minutes Read
Vishal Koul

I enjoyed the Emperor series by Conn Iggulden. The five-novel series provides a detailed insight of the travails, ordeals and wars that took place in the Roman Empire. It is an interesting read for how warriors plundered, ravaged and colonised the neighbouring empires. 

Clint Eastwood's Invictus has a captivating plot set in the backdrop of the 1995 World Cup held in South Africa. I liked the movie because it showcases Nelson Mandela’s tenacity and ability to inspire the team to deliver under adverse circumstances. Mandela is truly a great leader. 

When I crave comfort food, a home-cooked meal does it for me. The Indian cuisine is my favourite. Be it a Rajasthani or Gujarati dish or delicacies from Andhra Pradesh or Kerala, what makes the Indian cuisine ideal is the blend of nutrition and balance. 

A tall glass of milk serves my need for nutrition. I also like to savour a glass of red wine once in a while.

Gstaad, a quaint village in Saanen Canton, in the heart of the mesmerising Swiss Alps is one place I fly to when I need to rejuvenate. I simply love it for the greenery, serene streams, tempting eateries, inviting souvenir shops, friendly people and the enchanting mountain peaks that surround the village. I enjoy taking long walks and also having tea in the balcony overlooking the Alps.