My Favourite

Shashank Kumar

The co-founder of Razorpay enjoys going to the beach and meeting people from all walks of life

Published a year ago on Aug 22, 2019 2 minutes Read

One of my all-time favourite reads is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (co-founder of Nike). This autobiography is possibly the best documentation of building a start-up, an account of what an entrepreneur experiences in the early days. The book makes one feel like they are part of the Nike journey. Two other books I love are The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz and Barons of Banking by Bakhtiar Dadabhoy!

I enjoy sci-fi movies that have futuristic themes or the ones that explore human nature in-depth. Some of the best movies in this genre are Interstellar and Inception, according to me.

I love to experiment with different cuisines. Sushi, bao and lasagne are my favourite dishes. I also like spicy chicken preparations in Indian food. I can relish extremely simple and intricate items such as sushi, while also enjoying complex Indian dishes that are rich with spices.

Wine! Wine! And More Wine! My palates absolutely love the quintessential wine and cheese combination. SETTE by Fratelli Wines is one of my favourites, and it compliments most of the food dishes I enjoy. While I was living in the US for about a year, I frequently attended wine-tasting sessions during the weekends. 

I don't like to 'hop' of to places for the weekend or travel in the traditional sense. But, it's always exciting to meet people from all over the world and I love going to the beach