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Ensuring a smooth ride

MoveInSync is helping companies get their employees home – and back – safely 

RA Chandroo

IT professional Supriya Singh walks down the same dingy lane at 3 a.m. every night, right down the road from where the office cab drops her off. “I am forced to walk down the empty road on my own. At times, my father has to come pick me up. You know how unsafe Delhi is at night,” she adds. Software engineer Rahul Khanna’s transport problems at the MNC where he works are along similar lines. Khanna, who stays the closest to his office compared with others in his work circle, often reaches home long after his colleagues. “The cab driver drops everybody else first, since that is convenient for him,” he explains. “But this has become an everyday issue for me. Sometimes, I book a cab and head home on my own.”