Big Idea

Trust but verify

With the help of technology and Aadhaar’s massive data trove, this start-up is making identity verification effortless for its clients

Deepak G Pawar

You’re feeling particularly tired one day and want to get a massage. You look up Housejoy or UrbanClap and call for a masseur, sit back and prepare for some serious de-stressing. But, what’s the guarantee that the person assigned to you is the one coming to your place? What if the masseur switched places with his cousin who has a criminal history? Let’s face it, we don’t always go back to an app to check if the details are correct and the person matches the picture on your phone. So much so that Uber has to warn every rider to “ensure the driver matches the picture on the app.” Those platforms may have done everything right, but there are still chances of fraud during the last leg, when people are involved.