"Unless you have a competency elevation done, you can't go global"

Thermax MD & CEO, MS Unnikrishnan, on how to survive and thrive in the global market

Published 5 years ago on Jul 11, 2017 6 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

Since the topic is scaling up and going global, I would like to mention here that scaling up domestically means something and scaling up globally is something altogether different. If you want to scale up in this country all you need to do is spend money replicating what you have. For example, transcending the border of the states and getting into some other states making a national organisation is one way. It's possible for you depending upon which industry you are in. It is possible that your satiation related to ambitions will be met within this market, but if you want to really go global then the competencies which will be taking you in the international market are completely different. So unless and until you have a competency elevation done, you can't go global. Because it may be a short lived blip available for you which will not sustain and you have got to have a lot more things done if you really want to be a global organisation.