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Cashing in on delivery

LogiNext Solutions is helping e-commerce companies hone delivery by analysing location data 


To the emancipated buyers of today’s internet age, true happiness perhaps would be little less than a long-awaited package ordered online being delivered at their doorstep on the exact date promised by the website. But the reality is much different: most of us usually spend the time between order placement and delivery involved in back-and-forth with the website in question. Not only is this process cumbersome for customers, but it also leads to waste of money and other resources on part of the site. 

To tackle the logistical challenges that most companies in the e-commerce space face, Carnegie Mellon University graduates Dhruvil Sanghvi and Manisha Raisinghani started LogiNext Solutions in 2014. Having worked with Deloitte and IBM in the US, the duo had gained significant consulting experience after finishing their management course. “When we were studying for our master’s around 2011, big data analytics was the buzzword. There was a huge wave of logistics service providers but there weren’t any tech-savvy companies making the most of the opportunities in the space,” says Sanghvi. “We would frequently hear service providers say ‘maal nahi pahunch raha hai’ or ‘heavy traffic hai’. We then realised that delays are a part of trade in India, unlike what happens in the West. Today, even if an e-commerce company makes a commitment to deliver a package to you within seven days, you cannot know for sure whether it will reach you by the fifth, sixth or the seventh day,” he adds, explaining that this was what made them realise the need for a strong logistics solutions provider in India. 

Tracking the process
But what does LogiNext do? The company employs smart technology to help e-commerce firms avoid delays, incorporate transparency and perform real-time tracking of packages besides providing insights about moving assets, distribution efficiency and supply chain. LogiNext aggregates the location data generated by multiple clients with similar delivery networks, then uses this data to generate insights that help companies predict delays, save cost and provide reliable customer service. “As a tech company, we wish to enhance customer experience as well as cut costs,” says Sanghvi. LogiNext install


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