Corporate cafeterias were readying to take off, when it caught the ‘chills’

Digitising canteens is a lucrative business, provided the start-ups survive lockdown jitters 

Published 10 months ago on Jul 04, 2020 8 minutes Read

If you leave out the oddballs who have latched on to intermittent fasting, the average employee eats about four meals a day. Let’s suppose that your job spares you enough time to grab breakfast and dinner at home. That still leaves two meals, lunch and an evening snack, that you would eat at your workplace.

You might order dinner through Swiggy but maybe not lunch. That’s because many offices have a cafeteria that provides subsidised food, whereas the average order on Swiggy will cost you about Rs.200. Sandipan Mitra, founder, HungerBox, says, “People working in companies prefer company cafeterias as their primary food option. Institutional food (offices, malls, educational institutions) is what you and I consume two-thirds of the time.”

Looking at the appetite for corporate catering (See: What's on the menu?), start-ups such as HungerBox, Food@Work and Elior are digitising canteens, to make them more efficient and appetising.

Order! Order!


You don’t want to be left behind. Do you?

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