Digital offices layered with hacker-resistant security are selling like hot cakes

Vendors, big and small, are tweaking their products and adding layers of security to haul in gold from the WFH rush 


Historically, cats have been known to not care a damn. So many memes and so many jokes, and now they are calmly disrupting work from home (WFH) meetings. Recently an MP in UK, John Nicholson, was upstaged by his cat Rocco’s tail during a parliamentary debate. Nicholson was making a point about subtitling children’s shows when Rocco stretched his ginger-and-white tail into the camera’s line of vision and left it there long enough to draw some laughs and go viral.

Despite cats ‘Zoombombing’ and shooting death stares at colleagues and bosses, WFH is becoming the norm. Earlier, it used to be looked down upon in the workspace, says Ashutosh Sharma, VP-research director at Forrester. It was once the last option, but not anymore. Under the post-COVID order, there is a significant rise in demand from businesses and employees for digital workspaces — which includes everything from the laptop and a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to a cloud that allows employees to access data and apps from anywhere —and there are companies, old and new, ready to answer this demand. “Various suppliers have become more mature,” says Sharma.


Digital workspaces aren’t very new, actually. For


You don’t want to be left behind. Do you?

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