“In a multicultural team, trust between members is crucial for knowledge sharing”

Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, Country Director, Thales India, on five ways to manage a multicultural workforce 

Published a year ago on Dec 04, 2020 1 minute Read

Break the ice: Communication forms the basic building block of team cohesion, especially when there are members from diverse cultures. Scheduled and timely interactions between employees, fun work exercises, active listening to others’ viewpoints and attention to unbiased communication is important for smooth working relationships.

Build trust: In a multicultural team, trust between members is crucial for knowledge sharing. To build trust, one needs to ensure that transparency and impartiality is thoroughly maintained. Creation of a healthy culture through regular interaction where everyone is encouraged to speak up without any fear of retribution is important.

Prioritise team building: Mutual interest in each other’s culture and the will to embrace the diversity on offer, holds the key to sustain a team. It is important that individual differences are put aside, and multicultural differences are acknowledged. Employees should accommodate new ideas and think beyond themselves.

Foster empathy: The key to a successful team is respect for each other, their time, and the value they add in achieving the overall goal of the company. Cross-cultural training exercises make sure that employees gain more awareness about cultures apart from their own and feel empathetic towards each other.

Adapt and learn: Learning from each other’s ways of working and adapting to it is important in a diverse team. A team with a mix of culture has a unique advantage as it incorporates the best of the world. Hence, varied styles of operation and communication need to be accepted and adopted.