"Gauge a candidate's priorities, both in his career and personal life"

Ronesh Puri, managing director, Executive Access on five ways to hire the right CEO

Published 4 years ago on May 26, 2017 Read
Vishal Koul

Size up a candidate's priorities: It is important to understand a candidate’s DNA and what drives him or her. Before looking at competency, it is important to know the priorities that govern a candidate’s career and personal life. Importantly, get to know the kind of decisions the person is capable of taking.

Compatibility: A CEO should enjoy a high level of compatibility with the company’s key stakeholders, whether it is with owners or employees. Only better compatibility can yield desired results.

Key driver: Look at what you want to achieve out of the person. A CEO is the key driver of an organisation and, therefore, it is critical to know his direction, argument and strategy in building a company’s brand. 

High EQ and SQ: Look for a person with a high emotional quotient (EQ) and sentience quotient (SQ). A person with high EQ can understand co-workers well and is open to feedback. SQ is increasingly getting important today because the world is fast changing and there is very little time to analyse. Higher SQ would mean higher intuitive ability, which would lead to pragmatic decisions.

Competence and aspiration: It is critical to assess a candidate’s competence and aspiration. If the candidate has a good track record, he or she will actually strive harder towards achieving any target. It is necessary to know what the candidate is thinking about the present and future; focusing on the past and ignoring the future is a trait best avoided.


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