Hassled Companies, Upset CAs

Every year, accounting professionals and e-filing portals for income tax play a cat-and-mouse game at the time of filing returns

A few days back, a frustrated tax payer wrote on Twitter that she would purposely file incorrect income tax returns in order to seek an extension on the last date set by the Income Tax Department. This, she said, was her desperate bid to avoid paying up an enormous sum as fine for the late payment, as the government categorically refused to extend the last date of filing for individual taxpayers in the non-audited category. She echoed the sentiments of not just millions of taxpayers but also an equivalent number of hapless tax professionals. The e-filing platform for ITRs has been marred by technical glitches since its inception. In order to expedite and cut down the period for processing refunds to 63 days, the government signed a contract with the IT giant Infosys for developing a new web portal. And, since then, the experience of tax professionals has been a downhill journey.