The double-edged sword called FII

FII favourites are great in good times, but what if the tide turns?

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have been called all sorts of names, 'hot money' being a term of choice. Those using it conveniently forget that at most times, it is only after their entry into a particular counter that the stock sizzles. In the current frenetic market FII activity is being closely monitored, as always. In the month of August, FIIs have been net sellers to the tune of $1.4 billion and that includes the $773 million that they sold when the Sensex tanked 1,600 points on Monday. Right now, sentiment seems to be turning but it is hard to predict if the pain is over as FIIs hold a significant chunk of BSE-200 companies. In fact, in some companies they are the largest shareholders or hold more equity collectively than the promoters. It is such companies that we tried to narrow down on to figure out which of them could be more vulnerable, if the current uncertainty becomes a trend. Following is our list of companies where valuation could take a serious knock if the tide again turns for the worse.