"Real estate is the most effective way to capture the growth of the middle class"

Jaguar Growth Partners' Gary Garrabrant on the opportunities in the Indian real estate sector

Published 4 years ago on Sep 07, 2017 10 minutes Read
Photographs by N Mahalakshmi

Lever House on Park Avenue is a New York City landmark that plays host to the office of Jaguar Growth Partners. As the name suggests, it was originally built in 1952 to house the American headquarters of Lever Brothers, the erstwhile avatar of present-day Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant, Unilever. Jaguar’s co-founder Gary Garrabrant was a real estate investment banker before he embarked on a career in international real estate investing. Garrabrant’s mentor in the business was his uncle but Garrabrant was first drawn to real estate during his college days through a visiting professor who was a full-time real estate investor. Jaguar’s primary focus is emerging markets and its $350 million first fund has been fully deployed in Latin America. Jaguar is contemplating opening an office in Singapore to oversee its investments in Asia and in this interview with N Mahalakshmi and Rajesh Padmashali, Garrabrant outlines why he is bullish on India and the pockets where he sees opportunity.