"Watching news channels hourly will not yield anything"

In the final part, Raamdeo Agrawal stresses on zero distraction when digging deeper to find great opportunities

Soumik Kar

Can you help with a few pointers to spot these opportunities?

You need to find growth which is not in the price. To do that you have to sit quietly and do your homework. Watching the market and listening to news channels on an hourly basis will not yield anything. You need zero distraction when digging deeper to find great opportunities. I would say even in a bad economic environment there are winners.

One more thing that is clear after this study: it is not necessary to buy these growth opportunities in a hurry. You often get a lot of time to analyse and there is nothing to regret because the growth and return are mostly back-ended. Even if you had missed buying Infosys in 1993 and bought it in 1997, you would have still made a lot of money if you had held on till today. If you missed investing at a very low price, have no fear in buying it later at a higher price because the growth is always ahead. Don’t be dogmatic about the entry price if there is enough growth. 

What other insights did you get in your 2015 Mid-to-Mega study?


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