Best Buys Worst Picks-2017

Pankaj Tibrewal

How his bet on India's No. 3 cement player paid off and why MBL Infrastructures proved to be a big mistake

Soumik Kar

There are several companies that have generated alpha in my fund but the one that stands out for me is my bet on a company that eventually emerged as the country’s third largest cement maker. But before dwelling on that, let me articulate on what I look for in a good investment. To begin with, a company has to be a good capital allocator over an entire business cycle; second, it has to be run by a passionate promoter, and third, the management should pay importance to cash flows, followed by the balance sheet and then the P&L and not the other way around. Last but not the least, the valuation should be favourable. Companies that fall in this investment framework could possibly end up as multi-baggers, and Shree Cement was one such investment.