Meet the Parents 2018

Authoritative Confidante

Narayan Seshadri coupled a staunch approach with unconditional love to raise his daughters single-handedly

Soumik Kar

All three of them were right there at Jaslok Hospital when she breathed her last. It wasn’t unexpected. She had been battling cancer for six years. But inevitability does not always help one to be prepared. “She has gone to a better place,” the father said to his two daughters. Such a philosophical assurance often fails to have an impact when you have lost a loved one, especially your mother. And even more so when you are a school-going kid, who needs her mother for just about everything. After all, she is the one to cuddle and wake you up, to hand you your cup of Bournvita while you yawn away, the one who combs your hair, hands over breakfast, and screams about you getting late to school. She is the one you crib to, bargain for things dad would never approve of, the one who wakes up before you on an exam, calms you down when you are blowing your top. Mothers are magical beings who are irreplaceable. Without your mother, you’re lost. And your father is lost along with you.