My Best Pick 2015

Manish Bhandari

Vallum Capital Advisors' Manish Bhandari foresees a bright future for oncology specialist Shilpa Medicare

Published 7 years ago on Jan 09, 2015 6 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

What comes to your mind when you think of Hyderabad? Banjara Hills, the famous biryani or the Charminar? For the average Joe on the street, the image could be any of the above. But ask the same question to someone from the financial community, and the one name that anyone would recall would be that of Ramalinga Raju — the tainted erstwhile founder of Satyam Computer Services who had to sell off his baby to Anand Mahindra. At the peak of the Satyam accounting scandal, there was a heated debate among investors and businessmen alike as to which state was home to the most corrupt promoters. Some said it was the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, some said Gujarat, some felt it was New Delhi and for others it was Mumbai.