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In a market that swung from extremes, the 13 stocks recommended for 2016 ended up displaying shocking to amazing returns

Published 5 years ago on Feb 15, 2017 1 minute Read

So how did last year’s 13 stocks suggested by market experts fare? Of the list, nine stocks ended the year with gains, while four ended in the red. The most violent stock of year, unfortunately, turned out to be Wockhardt which lost 60% as it fell foul of the US FDA and its net profit plummeted over 80% in Q2FY17. Jubilant Foodworks (-42%) and VA Tech Wabag (-33%) were the other two big losers followed by Bata (-8%). While Jubilant and Bata were hit by slowing demand coupled with the sudden demonetisation move, VA Tech Wabag, despite a robust order book, saw pressure on margins and project-related hurdles spoiling the show. But what’s pertinent to note is that in August, Bata did hit a high of #614, a 27% gain from the recommended price, before heading south.