Outstanding Women

E-wallet Zealot

Her persistence and ability to hustle has helped Upasana Taku transform MobiKwik into one of India's leading mobile-wallet companies

Photograph by Vishal Koul

“Don’t you have any male director in your company?,” asked an ignorant tax official once to the unassuming female founder of one of India’s leading mobile payments company. While she had her husband and co-founder, Bipin Preet Singh, by her side, Upasana Taku asserted to the inquirer that not only did she handle the financial matters of the firm but was also well qualified to understand the subject. Another time when the co-founders were making a pitch during an investment round,  she was asked if she planned to become a mother anytime soon. “I told them it was none of their business and never spoke to the investors again,” she affirms.  Despite her Ivy League school credentials, Taku had to put up with gender prejudices when she turned entrepreneur but she didn’t let any of that distract her from her sole ambition. And for this 36-year-old that was to create a company that simplified the payments acceptance system for retailers in India.