Outstanding Women

Rainbow Chaser

Gloria Benny’s efforts to empower underprivileged children promises a better tomorrow

Photograph by RA Chandroo

While the city is abuzz with its heavy flow of vehicles on its narrow streets, a bunch of tiny tots, flashing their neatly pressed red chequered uniforms and polished shoes, enter the gates of Providence Convent at Koramangala in Bengaluru, on a bright Friday morning. The Convent is an old school with a church and houses several old trees, making it a calm place, despite its existence on the busy Hosur road. A shelter home, within the campus, is on its way to get its final colours. The curious eyes of the tiny tots search for a familiar face in the playground. A young woman with soft curls and an infectious smile appears behind the trees and their hearts cheer up. There is warmth in her touch and a spark in her eye, enough to make the children feel safe and protected. For kids there, and in shelters across the country, Gloria Benny is the beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.