Power Couple

Punita Kumar & Jayant Sinha

Punita Kumar & Jayant Sinha on being passionate about finance & stocks

Punita Kumar-SinhaThis couple, which met and started going steady during their IIT Delhi days, has a fascinating story to tell. It is full of struggles, great memories, fun anecdotes and, at times, compromises and sacrifices.  After 28 years in the corporate sector in India and the US, a major event changed the lives of Jayant and Punita Kumar-Sinha — Jayant was elected as an MP from Hazaribagh and was made minister of state for finance in the Central government. While Jayant decided to take a political plunge early this year, leaving behind an illustrious career as an investment and strategy consultant with firms such as McKinsey & Co and the Omidyar Network, Punita, who has had an equally successful career in finance and investment advisory, is still sorting things out — as an investing consultant, she can work either from the US or from India. But nothing has changed the love they have for each other.