Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur 2018

"It is only when you are calm in a crisis can you find a solution"

Secret Diary of Deep Kalra — Part 1

Photograph by Vishal Koul

Personal information of Deep KalraEveryone should have a Brother Eric D’Souza in their lives. He was a rockstar at St Columba’s and I was fortunate to have him as one of my teachers. Dad wanted me to go to St Columba’s in Delhi and Mom wanted me to go to Modern School. I am so glad I got into St Columba’s — not only was it one of the best schools in Delhi but it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. If you excelled in studies or extra-curricular activities, St Columba’s was a great place to be and I excelled in both. I was in the quiz team, the swim team, the table tennis team and in the top 10% of my class.