The Name is Buffett, Warren Buffett

"Concentration does not lead to more risk"

Pavel Begun and Cory Bailey on their portfolio strategy

Published 9 years ago on Jun 08, 2013 9 minutes Read

Their namesake company, co-founded by billionaire banker Jorge Paulo Lemann, made news when it acquired Heinz with Berkshire Hathaway. While the full form of Lemann’s 3G is a mystery, for Pavel Begun, 34, and Cory Bailey, 35, co-founders of 3G Capital Management, 3G stands for good business, good management and good price. Begun’s business streak as a child led him to own multiple businesses in his teenage years. His underdog status drives him and that resolute determination led him to simultaneously obtain a CFA charter as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago before he was 25. As for Bailey, he was born and raised in Union, Missouri. Along with a B.S. in finance and a minor in accounting from St. Louis University, Bailey shares Begun’s penchant for avoiding investment conferences and speaking to other investors. Though Begun operates out of Toronto, their time is mostly spent reading newspapers, annual reports and trade publications. They, too, like their icons — Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger — want to keep working harder and harder at becoming better investors and keep making bold high-conviction investments.