The Name is Buffett, Warren Buffett

The right moral compass

His style is more Graham than Buffett given the amount of money he manages currently, but Amitabh Singhi has got Buffett’s Rule No.1 nailed

Vishal Koul

He may not be as lanky as the superstar whose name he shares but he stands tall and his ideals sure are lofty. That is why when he set up his portfolio management company, he was clear he will not charge an asset management fee, the driving thought being: it is unethical to make money if the client himself has not made any money. This ground rule was laid down and practised six decades ago by a homely Nebraskan who started his own investment company. Now, Warren Buffett needs no introduction in the world of investing but Amitabh Singhi does. He is not yet the superstar Buffett is, but Singhi could very well get there. His portfolio management services company, Surefin, has delivered a return of 24.7% compared with a Sensex return of 15.7% over the past 11 years. So far, the 33-year-old Singhi has deliberately kept a low profile. “This business is humbling. That is why you need to be low ego and self effacing,” he says. But the healthy return has generated its own fan following. A Canada-based overseas investor who has been investing with Surefin since 2006 says Singhi’s focus on the small cap space offers investors a unique way to play the Indian market. “Not only has the stock picking been excellent, Amitabh regularly communicates with his investors to articulate his thought process,” he adds.