Where the rich are investing - 2019

Patu Keswani

An insight into the investment preferences of wealthy Indians 

Vishal Koul

It all began with a dream to retire early with a corpus of around Rs.50 million at the age of 40. Patu Keswani was then 38 years old and working with the Tata Group. Calling it his 'moment of hubris', Keswani staked Rs.10 million to trade in stocks on margin money. At the end of a fortnight, his broker ended up richer, while Keswani was left with only Rs.300,000! This crash course in getting rich overnight has been etched for life even as Patu Keswani went on to become a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality business. Barring that moment of sheer insanity, Keswani mentions that while working with the Tatas and later with AT Kearney, his objective was to park 75% of his wealth in income yielding assets and the balance in equity mutual funds to cover inflation.