Best Buddies 2017

Ajay Bijli and Sanjeev Bijli

Brothers-cum-best-buddies, the PVR founders' compatibility has become the base of their business partnership

Soumik Kar

Who doesn’t love a good movie? And if you are an avid moviegoer in India, the ‘Bijlis’ are hard to miss — brothers in arms and best buddies, who in their pursuit of passion for cinema, introduced the concept of multiplexes to the millions of movie–crazy Indians, making the theatre one of the coolest places to hang out. Ajay (49) and Sanjeev Bijli (46) of PVR Cinemas were born in a business family and it was obvious to them that they were not going to become doctors, engineers or lawyers. “However filmy it might sound, our mother always taught us it was good to be together,” laughs Ajay. Since mom always knows best, the siblings thought it was wise to heed to that advice. Twenty-two years, 500 screens, two acquisitions, and an IPO later, both are still partners.