India’s Best Fund Managers 2021

Assume nothing, question everything

DSP MF’s Rohit Singhania believes in shorter horizons and open-mindedness for investing success 

Many investors buy a stock with a five- to ten-year horizon. For Rohit Singhania, fund manager at DSP MF, this does not work. “You can estimate but can’t be sure of what will happen in five years,” he says. Therefore, when he buys into a company, he does it with a one-two year horizon and he keeps questioning the investment basis continuously. He believes in keeping a close watch on his portfolio and correcting course at the earliest.

This dynamism and open-mindedness also extend to how he judges a company’s management. Of course, he leaves no room for laxity in governance, but he also does not shut out a company because its management may have made a suboptimal decision in the past. “The situation might be completely different today, and that can present opportunities. Saying things like ‘the management has done this in the past, so I will never look at this company again’ may not be the optimal approach,” says Singhania.

It is only right that he values his receptiveness. It is a quality that landed him a profession that he is passionate about. No one in his family had been working in finance, but young Singhania overheard his friends and classmates discussing investing when he was in school. It piqued his curiosity, and made him wonder about the mechanics of investing. That’s how, as a teenager, he began reading about stocks and deals. He went on to pursue B.Com in 1998 and then MMS (Finance) in 2002.

Sell-side wisdom
Singhania started his career as a research analyst at IL&FS Securities and HDFC Securities, where he tracked sectors such as metals, cement, sugar and tea. During those initial years, h


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