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Manish Sonthalia backs an engineering giant soaring on new-age wings

LTTS is a leading service provider for industry 4.0 and it has a sound client acquisition strategy 

Published 3 months ago on May 04, 2021 7 minutes Read








Imagine going into an investor’s office, to ask him/her to put money into building a manufacturing facility, and all you carry to make the presentation is your mobile phone. Sounds improbable?

But, a virtual-reality (VR) walk-through of a factory with the viewer interacting with his environment using just a mobile app is already a reality. L&T Technological Services (LTTS) has made it possible.

The portfolio of LTTS, which is one of the few pure plays in engineering services with a global scale, is more new age and its service portfolio more relevant than its peers. For example, the app-controlled simulation described above would fall under LTTS’ bid and asset management services, which include virtual-reality (VR) enabled product catalogues and augmented-reality (AR) based machine inspections. In another example, using its HoloLens-based application, it has helped a client use mixed reality to train its operators to replace a valve without help from the maintenance staff. The solution was built to be scalable, allowing the client to add any number of tutorials. 

Similarly, LTTS’ expertise in plant-engineering along with its skills in embedded systems and semiconductor design is potentially a huge advantage with the coming IoT revolution in manufacturing. The company has


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