My Best Pick 2017

Ajay Jaiswal

While some of the older brands in textiles have faded away, Raymond has managed to nurture its identity

Published 4 years ago on Jan 25, 2017 5 minutes Read
Sandipan Chatterjee

In the past decade or so the Indian consumer has become more brand conscious. Once a privilege only the rich could afford, brands are everywhere and accessible to the majority of the consuming class.

Any company that has managed to take an early lead by carving a niche for their brands across diverse categories such as foods and beverages, footwear, garments, kitchen appliances, sanitary-ware have reaped the benefits of increased brand awareness among consumers. The brand consciousness and brand awareness have also been driven by a demographic shift to a young and consuming class in India who have rising aspirations and higher income levels. Companies have also managed to create higher brand visibility by spending more on advertising. There has been significant shift in the way brands are leaving an impression in the minds of buyers.

Changing times
Page Industries with its leading inner wear brand Jockey  is one such company that has seen unprecedented rise in  brand value, market share, sales and market capitalisation. The company’s market cap increased from Rs.468 crore in 2008 to Rs.15593.28 crore, as on December 19, 2016. Its revenues soared from Rs.192 crore to Rs.1,749 crore during the


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