Power Couple

Falguni & Sanjay Nayar

Falguni, founder, Nykaa & Sanjay Nayar, CEO, KKR India, on striking the right balance between work and family

Falguni NayarWhen we meet Falguni and Sanjay Nayar on a regular weekend, the couple is winding down from a very busy Sunday. They have just returned from a social outing but Falguni is already quite busy checking her emails, with Sanjay getting ready for his weekly game of tennis. Married since 1987, the couple speaks about the time when Mumbai girl Falguni and Delhiite Sanjay were classmates at premier management institute IIM Ahmedabad. Ask Falguni about her maiden surname and she answers with a smile, “It is Mehta — as Gujju as it can be.” In fact, at several points during our conversation, Sanjay affectionately calls her FM, a nickname that dates back to their time at business school. “It does not stand for finance minister,” he quips, before breaking into laughter. The Nayars’ sprawling apartment on Carmichael Road in tony south Mumbai is big on art and artefacts — clearly, more than a little time has been spent on doing up the place.


Sanjay NayarBoth of them travel extensively as part of their work profiles and even vacations tend to be a lot more structured. “Actually, we are very busy over the weekends. There is a lot that we do,” says Falguni. Keeping us company, albeit briefly, is their daughter, Adwaita, who currently works with her mother. The fact that the couple has been married for a very long time is evident in the way they complete each other’s sentences. “We have been married for a while now and we understand each other quite well,” says Sanjay.


Where did the two of you meet?

Falguni: We were classmates at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A).

Sanjay: We graduated with the batch of 1985.

What brought you together at IIM-A?

Falguni: We were a part of the same study gro


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