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Toilet techie - Eram Scientific Solutions

Eram Scientific has found a sustainable solution to India’s sanitation woes

RA Chandroo

It’s hard to miss the odour. Usually, you would just twitch your nose and walk as fast as possible. But, for the inopportune moments when you are at your bladder’s mercy, the queue is too long. Then, once you have fished out the change and gone inside, the roof is missing and exhaust vents are uncovered. To add to your woes, the flush isn’t equipped to do the job and the stench is unbearable. You swear never to return and keeping twitching the nose. That’s the response to and condition of most public and community toilets in the country. A Thiruvananthapuram-based company, however, is trying to change this by manufacturing electronic toilets. Eram Scientific Solutions manufactures modular self-cleaning toilets that are off the grid. For a fee of Rs.1, Rs.2 or Rs.5, you get access to an automated toilet with audio commands. Equipped with motion and temperature sensors, the toilet is programmed to turn on the lights and fan when a user enters, flush 1.5 litres of water after the first three minutes and 4.5 litres after a little longer and even clean the floor after every 10 users. Moreover, fitted with solar panels, this portable toilet comes equipped with GPRS so one can remotely monitor water levels. There is also an app for you to find the nearest eToilet.