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A ride on his good old Bullet gives Hidesign founder Dilip Kapur the much-needed adrenaline rush

RA Chandroo

There is something about motorbikes that turns grown men into kids. When words fail them, as they often do, when they describe the beauty of the machine they own, you are sure to hear men imitate the thump of the motorcycle, especially when it is as unmissable as the one a Bullet has. Even the very articulate 67-year-old Hidesign founder Dilip Kapur did that more than once while discussing his passion for riding and his much-loved machine — the 1977-built 350cc Bullet. 

It is hard to miss the twinkle in his eyes when he speaks of his Bullet. In a sea of bikes parked in front of his office, which is housed in a beautiful heritage building on Saint Martin Street in Puducherry, his 1977 Bullet with its custom-made leather carrier bags stood out by a mile. You have to agree with the man when he says it is one of a kind. It has the same old-world charm that his heritage office building has and something that the new-age bikes don’t seem to have — loads of character built ride by ride over its


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