Stress Buster

Restless Fighter

Why Nadia Chauhan Kurup of Parle Agro prefers kickboxing over yoga to beat the blues

Soumik Kar


Whether it is the apparent look of a fit person or the jar of dry fruits on her office desk, it is hard to say. But, you can tell almost instantly that Nadia Chauhan Kurup, the joint MD and chief marketing officer of Parle Agro is not the one who sits at the desk for long hours. 

Like the rest of her family and two siblings, Chauhan was raised with the inherent love for horses and horse-riding. The annual visits to Matheran ensured that she took to horse-riding quickly and often imagined herself to be the veterinarian of the family.

She says, “If I knew we were going to Matheran, I would be up before everyone else and push the rest to get ready for the trip. I loved heading there as a child.” But, after the birth of her daughter, she hasn’t had her shot at the saddle for the past seven to eight years. 


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