Techtonic 2018

Innovative Start-ups — Part 1

Tech ventures from around the world that have successfully married innovation and impact

Published 3 years ago on Jul 06, 2018 4 minutes Read

Aleph Farms

Year: 2017 
Country: Israel
Founders: Didier Toubia and Shulamit Levenberg
Category: Food technology, 3D printing

It aims to change the traditional way of producing meat by creating a sustainable alternative. The start-up is printing three dimensional beef by replicating cow cells. Aleph uses a technology whereby four types of meat cells — muscle fiber, fat, connective tissue and blood vessels — are used to create a complex 3D model of beef. It is adding on to the ‘clean meat’ revolution by reducing the environmental footprint of beef production. The artificial meat tastes and feels very much like actual beef.

Axiom Space

Year: 2015
Country: United States
Founder: Michael Suffredini
Category: Aerospace

The Houston-based Axiom is looking to develop a private space station that will commence operations as soon as the International Space Station (ISS) retires in 2024. The start-up is building it


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